Thursday, September 15, 2011

Judicial Criminal Acts, Linn County, Missouri

 9th Circuit Court Linn County, Missouri
Case # II-LI-00090-01
Report of Judicial Criminal Acts in the county of Linn, Livingston and Chariton county, Missouri
Opening Statement to the Attorney General;

Mr. Waggoner request your assistance in the prosecution of the actors, although he does not expect much of a response, as government in general does little for the people, as history clearly demonstrates. Mr. Waggoner has no criminal record and is dealing with the legal system for the first time, so far it has been very disappointing. Mr. Waggoner earns a six figure income and does not submit in defeat, he is proud to be able to add the newest challenge to his victory list, and will win; with or without your offices help.
Politically I would highly suggest you at least position yourself to respond publicly, as I can assure you this will at some point become public, newsworthy, and embarrassing to everyone involved. The community is becoming involved and their outrage seems to be spreading, they soon will demand answers, what will you tell them? Will you stand up for the people? We shall see. Should you have any doubt as to the validity of the report or the information contained herein, know this: 12 persons at random sat down, read the report, looked at the documents, and deliberated for 8 minutes. The verdict 12 guilty- 0 not guilty; I would say this is a sure win in court; a civil action would be 100% win, also worth noting, the persons in the panel were quite mad at the criminals involved. As I am sure you know, angry people give large monetary awards, and large monetary awards get… A LOT OF PRESS. UNWANTED PRESS.
I’m sure you have plenty to do , so go do what you do, the people will wait; and one way or another this will end, with or without the support of your office. You can never claim you didn’t know, and your actions will reflect publicly your decision, and help you if you so desire, all you have to do is ask. The people of this great state, along with and in support of Mr. Waggoner.
Await your reply (or lack thereof) September 5th, 2011
This criminal complaint and report contains the following crimes (multiple counts apply) As well as violations of the Constitution US and Missouri Constitution. And the removal of Liberty of a family.
Witness Tampering / Victim Tampering
False Affidavit / False Report
Filing False Document / Physical Evidence Tampering
Failure to provide service (documents)
Violation of the 6 hour rule (warrant, complaint)
Failure to appoint council upon request
Perjury / False notaries act
Filing false instrument (warrant)
Theft of U.S. Mail / Distribution of stolen U.S. Mail
Firearms theft / Trespassing (burglary felony)
Terrorist Threats
Unlawful use of a weapon (B felony)
Tampering and impeding U.S. Mail
Threatening a medical service provider
Tampering a judicial proceeding
Improper conduct of official
Misrepresentation of office
False reports of medical records
False statements
Endangering the welfare of a child
Committed by: (3) Sheriffs, (5) Deputies (possibly 12), (2) Judges (possibly 4), (2) prosecutors (possibly 3), (1) clerk-unknown co-actors, (1) Notary, (8) social workers, (1) court official, and (8) others (choate offenses)
The crimes reported in this formal report are being sent to you by the Missouri State Highway Patrol Via US Registered mail. After a period of 15 days from the receipt of this report, the report will be made public along with documents and notarized witness statements in support of the allegations herein. The public will also be notified the Attorney General did not respond, and seems to have no interest in the criminal actions of the court, and counties involved. Other crimes will be revealed and can be proven by the press by simply going to the clerks office and requesting public documents available to any citizen at any normal hour. The report will then posted will then be posted on the internet for easy access to all media outlets along with .pdf files of the supporting documents, reports and all communications ect. The office of the Attorney General may stop this report being made public by notification of the arrest of Tracy L. Carlson and Judge James Williams, or the formal public announcement of an investigation into the crimes by the 9th Circuit Court, in Linn, Livingston, Chariton Counties. This formal announcement or warrants for the arrest must be provided to Mr. Waggoner or a substantial step towards the prosecution of those involved must be proven and evidence thereto given in writing in a State of Missouri formal document addressed to Mr. Waggoner and the people of the state of Missouri. Mr. Waggoner will except a written reply to the receipt of the report within (5) five days to the Chariton County Jail by registered US Mail at the address shown. This seems to be required to ensure a response from the state, as Mr. Waggoner has thus far had no response to any demand made under law to the courts. The legal system has failed to protect or demonstrate it can reasonably be expected to be able to protect the rights of the people of the state. Mr. Waggoner hopes this can be resolved, and the investigation completed before the people of Missouri loose all respect for the courts, law enforcement, and the government which claims to be “for the people”,. Mr. Waggoner will await a reply, and continue to compile more evidence , and I’m sure expose more criminal acts. It is a very sad day indeed when a citizen of this state must expose, investigate and prove such criminal acts, and the people deserve to know why the pay to have people in office to stop this activity, and what were they doing that prevented them from discovery of the crimes themselves, after all that is their job. The people of these counties and of this state deserve answers. Mr. Waggoner has submitted to the court of Linn County a Motion to appoint a special prosecutor from your office to prosecute these crimes. Mr. Waggoner expects it will be denied and thrown into the trash at the judges bench as usual, and they will have a good belly laugh afterwards. They will rejoice in their criminal acts, and claim to be untouchable, and above the law. They will laugh and continue to “suck up” the states money after all they earned it. 
March 26th, 2011
Linn County Sheriff’s Deputies and MSHP Cpl. R.B. Skaggs responds to a domestic disturbance to the residence of the Waggoner’s at apx. 9:52pm. Mr. Waggoner is at his shooting range where he has been for apx. 1 ½ hours. Mr. Waggoner is shooting unaware of any law enforcement presence. Mrs. Waggoner is contacted and is visually intoxicated and combative. Mrs. Waggoner and her son are removed to the Marceline Police Department to be questioned. The officers do not approach Mr. Waggoner as he was at the shooting range and had a firearm. Mr. Waggoner and another were shooting targets from the shooting bench at the Northwestern end of the property aprox. 200 yards north of the residence. As per officer reports NO attempt was made to question or detain Mr. Waggoner. The officers left the residence at apox. 11:59pm(“10-8 as per radio log) without any contact or sight of Mr. Waggoner, and questioned Mrs. Waggoner as to the nature of the disturbance. Officers tell Mrs. Waggoner when she asks “where is her truck” and “ why Mr. Waggoner not been arrested?” That “we have no reason to arrest Mr. Waggoner, that is why we are questioning you” Mr. Waggoner left with another at 12:30-12:45pm to travel to Nebraska as he had told Mrs. Waggoner earlier and was not restricted or stopped by any person as he left the only dead end road to his property aprox. 1 mile to the nearest paved highway. Mr. Waggoner was seen leaving his property at a normal pace and waved to his neighbor as reported by Chief Deputy Eskew of the Linn County Sheriff’s Office in his report when he returned to the residence of the Waggoner’s at apx. 6:00am and spoke to the neighbor, and attempted to contact Mr. Waggoner at his residence. No warrant for the arrest of Mr. Waggoner had been applied for at this time. Mrs. Waggoner was questioned under the influence of alcohol at a BAC of .173 as per officer reports. Mrs. Waggoner was unable to legally sign the Miranda warning and voluntary statement due to excessive intoxication, this is evident as the Department of Family Services was called and decided to place Mrs. Waggoner at a motel with her child as she was unable to return to the residence due to her intoxicated state, and her inability to make “safe choices for herself” as per DFS documents. And the signatures and statements of Mrs. Waggoner are illegible. Mr. Waggoner was never arrested or questioned as to the nature of the disturbance. Mr. Waggoner was never questioned by any law enforcement regarding the disturbance.
On or about March 27th, 2011
Sometime before 3:00pm a press release from the Linn County Sheriff’s Office was released to the Linn County Leader, a local newspaper.
This report and the subsequent newspaper report made Tracy L. Carlson Linn County Prosecutor very mad as he was overheard in public stating “he would not be made a fool of and he would make charges stick like glue even if he had to re-write the reports and officers statements himself”. These statements were reported exactly as stated to Mr. Waggoner as well as others, by witnesses at the public shopping area where Mr. Carlson has been known to discuss openly the ongoing cases of his office. The locations as well as persons who have witnessed these inappropriate statements can be verified upon request of the court.
March 27th, 2011- 3:30pm +/-
Mr. Carlson calls Judge James P. Williams and requests a arrest warrant be issued for Lance C. Waggoner as he has been informed Mr. Waggoner is not in Missouri. Mr. Carlson is seen acting very strange and appears to be intoxicated or medicated on a unknown substance. His behavior is reported to be “unusual and overly dramatic”, by persons familiar with Mr. Carlson and his normal behavior. Mr. Carlson contacts Deputy Zack Olinger of the Linn County Sheriff’s Department for a probable cause statement. Mr. Carlson has told Judge James P. Williams what the charges will be, and has not provided a complaint or probable cause statement at the time the warrant is signed by Judge James P. Williams. This is contrary to RsMo 544.020 and a clear violation of statue, rendering the warrant a criminal act, as the elements necessary for a warrant have not been met. Mr. Carlson has made his complaint based on a press release with false facts and is dissatisfied with the probable cause statement of Dep. Zack Olinger and requests the deputy rewrite his statement, this process is repeated 2 times until Mr. Carlson writes parts of the statement himself to match the complaint the wishes to file, then has Deputy Zack Olinger sign the probable cause statement. This is reported to Mr. Waggoner and others by a available witness to the events as stated. The warrant only has 3 charges and the complaint made after the warrant has 4 charges, this is explained later by the ridiculous nature of the charges.
March 27th, 2011 5:42pm
The warrant and complaint as well as the probable cause statement are sent via fax to/from 1-660-258-7279, the Brookfield Police Department fax number. The fax time stamp and number appears on the warrant and complaint filed in court with the date of 3/27/11 17:42. The complaint has not been sworn under oath or notarized as required by law. This warrant is then faxed to Nebraska to effect the arrest of Mr. Waggoner. Mr. Waggoner has gained the original document as faxed to Holt County, Ne, by a request to Holt County Sheriff’s Office.
March 28th, 2011 Unknown time-
The Linn County Court House.
The clerk of court stamps the complaint as filed on March 27th, 2011 this is false, as March 27th, 2011 is a Sunday, the complaint was not filed after 5:42 pm on a Sunday when the courthouse is closed ,as the document has stamped by the clerk on the first page. This is a effort to deceive the people of the State of Missouri, and a clear violation of the statues regulating the filing of a felony complaint.
At sometime later on march 28th, 2011
Mrs. Delores A. Carmical commit’s the criminal act of falsely notarizing, as a notarial act stamps and signs the complaint as “sworn under oath and subscribed before me this day 28th day March 2011.” This is false, and is not possible as the signatures of Mr. Carlson appear on the document faxed on 3/27/11 at 17:42 hours. It is clear the signature was faxed and Mrs. Carmical’s was after the document was faxed. Therefore the signature could not be made before her on March 28th, 2011. This also proves Mr. Carlson was not “sworn under oath” before Mrs. Carmical as required by RsMo 544.020. Mrs. Carmical would have to be aware of her actions and knowingly falsified a document to be used in a felony conviction, a clear violation of physical evidence tampering, and perjury laws. Mr. Carlson would have been aware he was knowingly violating several laws with this attempt to defraud the people of the state of Missouri. The document if filed on March 27th, 2011 as stamped would have to be removed from the records notarized and returned to the records in a clear criminal act on March 28th, 2011. No theory exists by which the complaint is legal. This felony act would eliminate Mrs. Carmical and Mr. Carlson as well as Deputy Zack Olinger as credible persons, therefore any document after this date would be rendered void by the elements necessary to meet the requirements of the statutes of Missouri. No documents can be relied on as factual or legal with any combination of these persons as they have acted in concert to falsify documents before the court and in clear felony violations. Judge James P. Williams is now a criminal actor and can not be trusted with the powers of the court granted to him by the state.
March 30th, 2011 Holt County, Nebraska
Mr. Waggoner is arrested on the falsified warrant from Linn County Missouri; at 1:00pm. Mr. Waggoner’s vehicle, personal effects at a local motel, and animal in his possession were seized at the request of Linn County Missouri. These items were photographed and inventoried at the request of Linn County, Missouri. This evidence was provided to Tracy L. Carlson prosecutor Linn County, Missouri as he stated he had a warrant for the vehicle. Mr. Waggoner has copy of the evidence inventory as provided along with photographs to Tracy Carlson. No warrant has ever been provided to Mr. Waggoner for the seizure of property. No warrant has ever been produced to the defense by discovery. Mrs. Waggoner traveled to Holt County, Nebraska at her own expense and retrieved the property after it had been held for more the 40 days by Holt County. They released the vehicle when Mrs. Waggoner insisted and demanded the state to provide a legal reason to detain the vehicle, property, and animal of Mr. Waggoner. No warrant could be provided and the property was returned. Mrs. Waggoner paid for the trip to and from Holt County, Nebraska. This was clearly a violation of the 4th and 14th Amendment of the CONSTITUTION of the United States as well as the Constitution of Missouri Article 1 sec. 15, Mr. Carlson appears to be solely responsible for this criminal behavior. As Mr. Waggoner had no criminal past and had been working in the town prior to his arrest, and knew the deputies involved, Mr. Waggoner was a regular at the court house due to his occupation. The sheriff’s office has been notified he was a dangerous felon and must be stopped, serious questions were raised as to the validity of the warrant. Mr. Waggoner was held on a misdemeanor “warrant less arrest” and voluntarily returned to Missouri after contacting the Sheriff of Linn County, Mo. Mr. Waggoner was told “There is some5thing very wrong here, with this warrant” by the court in Holt County, Ne.
March 28th, 2011 12:00 noon +/-
The Linn County Sheriff’s Department and the Bucklin Marshal’s Office returns Mrs. Waggoner to her residence, but not before searching the residence and seizing property belonging to Mr. Waggoner from Mr. Waggoner’s personal gun safe without warrant or permission to remove any item from the home. It is unknown why or what these items were used for by the sheriff, it appears to be theft. Mrs. Waggoner is kept from the residence while the items are seized. The sheriff’s department has produced no warrant for any such seizure of firearms of a collectable, unfired, or of substantial value- A MARLIN TRAPPER MODEL 1892 CARBINE with the value a $15,000.00 us, was taken although it is not a firearm as per BATF and is on the C&R list. A unfired Winchester Model 23 of value in the $3000.00 range was also taken for no apparent reason. Other weapons in a gun safe and un loaded/dissembled for storage were seized and were the property of other FFL HOLDERS in transit to a FFL DEALER. No inventory or warrant nor reason has been given for the seizure. It appears $20,00.00 +/- in firearms were “stolen” by the Sheriff’s Department by orders of the Sheriff Tom Parks. These items along with other firearms were sold prior to seizure on www. The owners in other states have expressed a desire to report this to the BATF as Mr. Parks had no right to their firearms, and has committed felony firearms theft, by denying the possession and use of their firearms.
March 30th, 2011
Mrs. Waggoner is awakened by the sound of a vehicle pulling into the residence, upon looking out the window she noticed it was a Sheriff’s vehicle. Mrs. Waggoner opened the door and saw a deputy in the drivers seat and he stated that “your husband as been arrested” she then asked why and about the vehicle and Dep. Butch stated “it was being taken care of by the Holt County Police Department”. Mrs. Waggoner made the comment “that is going to cost me a fortune to get it out” Dep. Butch stated “No it will not, for we will be taking care of that” Which is false as stated earlier.
That’s when Mrs. Waggoner noticed Sgt. Hawkins on the property picking up or placing items in the field behind the residence, there was no warrant or reason given for the search, and once again items were taken from the property without warrant or order by the court. This is reported by Sgt. Hawkins on 3/31/11 in a report titled “evidence search” in which he reports finding items on the property and making discovery of evidence related to the false complaint. Sgt Hawkins also reports finding a Beagle belonging to the Waggoner’s in a soybean field on the neighbors property- it is unknown how Sgt. Hawkins would find this animal on the property he clearly had no permission to be on, or how he would know it was there at all. It is pure reasonable speculation that the Linn County Sheriff’s office shot the dog on a prior criminal activity on the property, as the dog will defend the home, this behavior deserves further investigation, and criminal charges by the state, and gives support to reports the deputies has returned to the property without permission, and with no person at the residence acting very suspicious, by local residents.
April 5th 2011
Mr. Waggoner is transported by Sheriff Tom Parks to Livingston County Missouri, to be held until Mr. Waggoner is taken before Judge James P. Williams to “be dealt with by law” as per the statues , Judge Williams being the “same such Circuit Judge” as per 544.020 RsMo. Tom Parks is asked how the deputies Mr. Waggoner beat up are doing? He looks confused and states they are fine. (Mr. Waggoner later learns Tracy Carlson prosecutor Linn County had called with crazy belligerent statements to the sheriff’s office) Claiming Mr. Waggoner beat up two deputies and escaped a drug warrant, all false reports.

April 6th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner is not taken before the judge (as required by RsMo 544.020), Mr. Waggoner makes the first request for copy of warrant for arrest and complaint, probable cause as per his right under 544.170 RsMo (The 6 Hour Demand Rule) No reply was made within the 6 hours, no reply ever. Mr. Waggoner makes request for council and to be taken before the Judge to refute the validity of the warrant for arrest. No reply is made.
April 7th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner is told by a witness who wishes to remain unnamed- Tracy Carlson is falsifying documents, and “is worried he and judge Williams will get caught”. Mr. Waggoner learns Carlson is requesting all mail and phone calls to/from Waggoner.
April 8th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner makes 2nd request (demand) under the 6 hour rule for warrant, sup. Documents- No reply
April 8th, 2011
Tracy L Carlson begins to copy the mail of Mr. Waggoner to his spouse in confidence, as well as to others acting on behalf of Mr. Waggoner. Mr. Carlson is using this for investigative purposes, and intends to threaten others with this information and is sending mail to others, outside of the court. Mr. Waggoner learns this from Livingston County who openly admits Mr. Carlson as Prosecutor of Linn County, Missouri has told them to send all mail to him at his fax # this number is 660-895-5605, The documents are sent from fax # 660-646-0520, later discovered to be the fax# of the Sheriff’s Office, Livingston County, Missouri in control of sheriff Steve Cox. These documents are being re-sent to fax # 660-258-2091, later found to be associated with Mrs. Vicki Sweet, Mrs. Sweet becomes the next person Mr. Carlson “uses” to threaten witnesses, through DFS. This is reported later in DFS case file documents where Tracy L. Carlson attends DFS meeting. It is unknown at this time why Mr. Carlson would be at a social service meeting with two states/defense witnesses. It is unknown what information was used in prosecution of Mr. Waggoner, or why Mr. Carlson had any right to such information.

April 10th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner again makes demand under RsMo 544, the 6 hour demand rule for warrant, and complaint, probable cause.- No reply is made. It is now apparent someone is hiding information and documents from Mr. Waggoner has had no legal contact, despite demands.
April 10th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner writes a demand to the 9th Circuit Court, Linn County Missouri Division II, Linneus, Missouri, Directed to Judge James P. Williams or presiding Judge Division II, Included is demand under the laws of Habius Corpus and is made as per the 2000 edition of the Statues of Missouri Volume 14. A title is made “under the Law of Habius Corpus this demand is made by the person named on the warrant for arrest” as per law. This letter is sent by Deputy Jennifer Plumber of the Livingston County Sheriff’s office in a envelope marked legal mail and directed to Judge James P. Williams. This letter was mailed on 4/11/11 from the Livingston county sheriff‘s office. No reply was ever made by the Judge or court. It is now very clear Judge Williams is working with Mr. Carlson to cover up their criminal behavior, and are knowingly depriving Mr. Waggoner his legal right to due process of law, and they now realize Mr. Waggoner is a problem for them as he has a working knowledge of the law. This explains the abnormal behavior of Judge Williams which follows.
April 12th, 2011
Livingston county jail no longer allows anyone to send letters, postcards only. No stamps or envelopes will be available any longer as per sheriff.
April 13th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner makes demand he be released under the 24hour rule, if not provided the warrant, complaint, and probable cause statement, after Mr. Waggoner is made aware by a insider in the prosecutor’s office that the complaint has charges that do not match the warrant, and the charges made do not match the officer reports of the events. This demand is made under the 6 hour rule, and a request for council for Mr. Waggoner to the public defender office is made. No reply is made to any request, in any form. Mr. Waggoner continues to assert his right to council, and his right to due process of law.
April 14th, 2011 RsMo 532.630/544.020/544.170
Mr. Waggoner demands the custodian of the jail sheriff Steve Cox provide legal council and copy of the warrant for arrest or to take him before a circuit judge “forthwith” as required by law, Sheriff Steve Cox is informed “he is violating the law and should consult with his county prosecutor for advise regarding the laws of Missouri and the detention of a prisoner at his facility.” Steve Cox placed Mr. Waggoner in solitary confinement for asserting and demanding this right under the laws of Missouri. This is felony victim tampering and denial of Habius Corpus as well as legal council. Mr. Cox later explained he was only holding Mr. Waggoner for Linn County and there was “nothing he could do, and he is sorry your are frustrated about the situation.” Mr. Waggoner advises Mr. Cox “ I am being held on a warrant and have not had the opportunity to see a judge or council, or the complaint against me for 9 days, don’t you find that strange?, I am being falsely imprisoned on charges that could not and did not happen, and have no idea who or what is being charged”. No reply was ever made to the demands. The demands for a written complaint or copy of probable cause to support the arrest warrant was again made, no reply. For the next 6 days Mr. Waggoner asserts daily he needs to speak with council or see any judge in Livingston County or Linn County, or to call the Attorney General. He is not given any response. This is clearly a felony violation(s). Mr. Waggoner has documented evidence of all demands and the official reply by the sheriff, on his letterhead by him.

April 20th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner is arraigned by video link on charges he has no copy of, on a warrant he has no copy of, before council he has never seen, and before a female Judge who is unidentified. This via VIDEO from Livingston County, Missouri and it is told to Mr. Waggoner to plead Not Guilty. It is worth noting Mr. Waggoner was never allowed to consult with council or refute the arrest warrant or charges before “such Circuit Judge” as required by RsMo 544.020. A clear violation of due process of law. And a clear effort to avoid report of felony crimes of the court. A request is made for copy of complaint, warrant, probable cause to council. No reply was ever made, by council or court. (this is not due process of law as set forth in statutes of Missouri Volume 14, circa 2000.) It is clear to Mr. Waggoner his liberty is being denied for some criminal reason, and Mr. Waggoner is being treated less than honestly by the court for some reason, Mr. Waggoner starts to learn of threats to Mrs. Waggoner and her son, by Mr. Carlson of the Linn County prosecutors office. (on July 27th, 2011 Mr. Waggoner gains copy of notes by Lauren Petterson which states the request for warrant and complaint. Mrs. Petterson also states she is not allowed to consult with Mr. Waggoner in private as required by law, but is taken to his cell and watched during this process.) This is very strange behavior and is not normal procedure at the facility. Further proof of a criminal tri-county criminal act.
April 27th, 2011
Mrs. Waggoner contacts Mr. Waggoner, request his council contact her as she has been threatened “she and her son will testify as Mr. Carlson wishes, and they have no choice in the matter.” Mr. Waggoner reports this to Mrs. Petterson (public defender) on April 28th, 2011. This is a violation of RsMo 575.270 related to a felony case, and is witness tampering. (on July 27th, 2011 Mr. Waggoner learns of a DFS document produced by Vickie Sweet and others which reports Tracy L. Carlson was present and confronted Mrs. Waggoner about contact with the public defender and that she would not make such contact. Why Tracy L. Carlson was at the meeting appears to be to threaten witnesses in Mr. Waggoner’s case. This document also contains disturbing conduct by Mr. Carlson. This document is in the possession of Mr. Waggoner and others and is available to the court on demand.

April 28th, 2011
Mrs. Lauren Standlee Petterson of the public defenders office area 14 Moberly, Missouri, is brought to the cell of Mr. Waggoner, they are not allowed to consult in private as required by law, however Mr. Waggoner informs Mrs. Petterson of the multiple demands for the warrant, complaint, probable cause. Mrs. Petterson gives Mr. Waggoner a officer report and shows some pictures of the vehicle and property being held without warrant in Holt County, Nebraska. Mrs. Petterson is told of the threats to Mr. Waggoner’s family. Mrs. Petterson says she will “document the behavior” Mr. Waggoner again asked for the complaint and probable cause, no reply is ever made. (notes by Lauren Petterson confirm this action and are available to the court on demand.)
May 1st, 2011
Request is made again to the staff of Livingston County to give a copy or request a copy of the complaint, and the warrant for arrest under RsMo 532.630, also request for any process legal or criminal against Mr. Waggoner in the county of Linn, Missouri as per chapter 532 volume 14 circa 2000 statutes of Missouri. No document is ever provided, no response is made to the “kite” request. Mr. Waggoner continues to assert his rights to due process of laws, however it is apparent a criminal activity is being hidden from the courts, and Mr. Waggoner.
May 4th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner receives a letter from his spouse declaring the adult order of protection she was forced to fill out by the victims advocate, has been dismissed. Mrs. Waggoner has informed Mr. Waggoner she was intoxicated and could not remember writing the form or what was on the form. (The form was signed by Judge James P. Williams. It is unknown what Mrs. Waggoner was forced to state on the form or what threats were used, however the signature of Mrs. Waggoner is not her normal signature and it appears to be coached as the statement is not the normal wording of Mrs. Waggoner and is not in any logical order.)
Mrs. Waggoner is advised by Tracy L. Carlson she can not talk or visit Mr. Waggoner, due to a no contact order, which has never been provided in which she nor Mr. Waggoner had received any documents or any order. She was also advised by Mr. Carlson and Vicki Sweet that she could not have any contact with Mr. Waggoner or his council as she is a states witness, and Mr. Waggoner writing his son “will cause problems for him” a clear threat documented by DFS on Aug. 1st, 2011. Mrs. Waggoner was also lied too and told “Mr. Waggoner is blaming you for everything”, this is impossible as Mr. Waggoner has no idea what it is he has supposedly done and appears to be a threat. It becomes apparent to all parties involved the court is hiding their criminal acts, or something substantially worse. Mr. Waggoner will discover later what is being hidden, and why. At this point Mr. Waggoner has been held 30 plus days without copy of the warrant or complaint, he demanded on the 2nd day of detention this is not only denial of due process but is preplanned criminal act. Mr. Waggoner has not been before the “same circuit Judge” no less “forthwith” as per RsMo 544.020, he has certainly been denied all rights, and his liberty, as well as civil rights violations. Ref. USA Const. 4/14, by having his property invaded and seized without warrant, being denied legal process, being denied private access to council, and being falsely imprisoned and victim tampered, as well as the witnesses to the defense being threatened and tampered, and physical evidence being placed or removed by states witnesses for the prosecution.
May 5th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner calls Mrs. Petterson (public defender). Mrs. Petterson is advised by Mr. Waggoner his wife is being tampered, and threatened Mrs. Waggoner is told by legal council of her rights under Article 5 of the Const. of USA, and her rights to abstain in testimony related to discussion between a spouse as per the rules which apply to the attendance of a witness with or without a state in criminal proceedings. Mrs. Waggoner had been threatened she must testify as Mr. Carlson wishes.” Mr. Waggoner receives a copy of a fax in which Mr. Carlson threatens to charge Mrs. Waggoner with witness tampering for talking to Mr. Waggoner and his council and as punishment for the son writing to Mr. Waggoner. THIS IS VICTIM TAMPERING AS WELL AS WITNESS TAMPERING, IN TWO FELONY COUNTS, ABSOLUTE GUILT NO DEFENSE. Included in this letter to Vicki Sweet of the department of Family Services, Brookfield, Missouri, are copies of mail stolen from Mrs. Waggoner, H.A.N.B.W. (son) and Mr. Waggoner. Mr. Waggoner had placed “BAIT” statements which were total fiction to see if Mr. Carlson was using his mail to threaten his son and spouse. He was, As these statements, particularly one false statement, and false event show up in a unauthorized questioning of the minor child on 4/15/11 at his school with Vicki Sweet (Mr. Carlson’s Criminal Partner) and two state witnesses who are involved in the coaching/tampering. This is reported by Sgt. Josh Hawkins and Chief Deputy Eskew (both active states witnesses) on page 13 of the official report filed on 3/27/11 in the report they state the false event and person exactly, as well as a fictional piece of evidence, and its fictional physical condition. No one other than Mr. Waggoner would have known this completely fictional event, person, or evidence, absolute proof of witness tampering in a felony case. It appears to have been added on 4/15/11 just before it was sent to Mrs. Petterson. In this “statement” by the minor child who was questioned without parental consent, or legal council of any type. The child is reported to mention actions directly from Mr. Waggoner’s US Mail, as these events were total fiction and these people are called by name, the minor child having no knowledge of these fictional events, this is proof of witness tampering by these three persons- once again absolute guilt, No defense. Mr. Carlson sent Mrs. Sweet this “fiction” letter with the “bait” statements, this was then used by Mrs. Sweet to tamper, then reported as fact by Sgt. Hawkins and Eskew, to be used in a felony case. This is also reported by DFS as they state the child has knowledge of the events in detail. As the child was never provided the letter by his parents, it is the assumed he was “told” the information by someone else who had the letter. (Tracy Carlson/ Vickie Sweet) Clearly 3 counts of felony victim tampering at Mr. Carlson’s request. (accessory to felony 3 counts). Mr. Waggoner, and 3 other unnamed persons have a copy of this US mail used to tamper, and the letter to Mrs. Sweet-660-258-2091 of the DFS, from Mr. Carlson from the Linn County Prosecutors fax machine 660-895-5605 and with the request for Mrs. Sweet to “call me later” @ 660-895-5589, this is not the only “bait” statement put into mail that has been used by others - Mr. Waggoner has copy of more evidence, to be sent later, and used in the civil actions against the State. Mr. Carlson has some 50+ articles of mail sent to persons not involved in this case, Mr. Waggoner begins to place “crazy” false statements to confuse the now known criminal Tracy Carlson, and his co-criminals. These “crazy” statements are mentioned by deputies in court on 6/2/11 In the presence of witnesses, it becomes apparent Mr. Carlson continues to share US Mail at will and deny the Waggoner’s liberty and right to privacy under federal laws. A deputy is overheard in court telling Mr. Carlson “you know we are going to jail for this” Just before Mr. Waggoner entered the courtroom. This proves the state of mind of Mr. Carlson and he is knowingly and with purpose violating the law.
Mr. Waggoner has sent a post card by legal mail to the postmaster general of Kansas City, Mo. To report the violations of privacy and theft of mail. - This is seen in the possession of Mr. Carlson on 6/2/11, it is the original document, this is clearly victim tampering - related to a federal felony crime, as well as theft and impeding the US Mail. Mr. Waggoner has copy of the postage sent as well as a witness to the legal mail sent, and the date/time given to the staff of the Livingston county sheriff’s office. This will be reported to the USPS and is once again felony victim tampering.
May 7th, 2011
Mrs. Waggoner travels at her own expense to recover the vehicle which was illegally held at the demand of Mr. Carlson, when he demanded it, along with the personal property and animal of Mr. Waggoner be impounded and seized in the name of the County of Linn, State of Missouri, without warrant on 3/30/11 and at the request of Mr. Carlson prosecutor Linn County, Missouri. This property is held for Apx. 40 days at the request of Mr. Carlson in Holt County, Nebraska. This interstate seizure was made with no warrant. A clear violation of the 4th and 14th amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of Nebraska, as well as Article one section 15 of the Constitution of Missouri. Once again absolute guilt, no defense, no excuse. This seizure was made by a arrest made by a falsified warrant, gained through criminal acts by the court. This placed a undue hardship on the Waggoner Family, civil action will result in substantial penalty as well as precedent for criminal action by both states. Mr. Carlson stand to be charged by both states for felony theft, and fraud, as he deprived the owner of the use of his/her vehicle and or property with criminal intent. It appears Mrs. Waggoner was also threatened to testify or not get her vehicle back, clearly victim, witness tampering. At this point it is apparent Mr. Carlson is a criminal, not an attorney and should be prosecuted along with others acting on his and Judge Williams request and or demands.
May 12th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner is informed by the staff at Livingston County Jail, Mr. Carlson is getting all of his - in/out going including legal mail, Mr. Waggoner is told a copy of the faxes to Mr. Carlson is kept in his file at the jail, this is being done at the sole request of Mr. Carlson as prosecutor of Linn County without warrant, or any legal order made by a circuit Judge. Once again a federal offense of copy, distribution, and impeding US mail. Mr. Waggoner requested the actions be reported to the sheriff Steve Cox, ASAP so he may report to the postal system of the violations. No response is ever made verbally or in writing. This is clearly a constitutional violation as “persons shall be secure… papers” appears in the constitution along with “no warrant shall be issue except upon due cause”

June 2nd, 2011
Prior to pretrial Mr. Carlson assembles the states witnesses in a jury room and gives documents and evidence not disclosed to the defense, and instructs the witnesses (except Mrs. Waggoner, her son, Mr. Waggoner and council.) He then has a private meeting with Judge Williams in his chambers. Mrs. Petterson attempted to go confront Mr. Carlson and the Judge to this behavior and was told the Judge was downstairs and would not be available before the trial. This behavior alone warrants investigation, as Mr. Carlson clearly tampered all the states witnesses in his case by meeting in private before trial and disclosing evidence unseen by the defense. It is later introduced in court. Mr. Waggoner has documents in hand and witnesses to the event. Mr. Waggoner is taken before Judge P. Williams for the first time “before same such Circuit judge” as per 544.020, and “forthwith” (sixty-three days)!! after arrest, Mr. Waggoner asks to see the complaint, and to report felony crimes by Mr. Carlson and others, for which he has absolute proof. The warrant is shown at the Judges bench to Mr. Waggoner, NO COPY IS GIVEN. The request to report a crime is met with “hire a lawyer” although Mr. Waggoner is represented by Public Defender, on the record in court by Judge Williams in front of witnesses who will testify to same. Mr. Waggoner is allowed to borrow a copy of complaint from Mr. Carlson by the public defender representing Mr. Waggoner in court. Mr. Waggoner finds problems with the complaint and now knows the warrant is criminal, and false. It appears by the documents turned over on July 27th, 2011; Mrs. Petterson was never given the warrant or complaint as it is not in her file. Mr. Waggoner spoke with Mrs. Petterson about being threatened by Mr. Carlson, she dodged the issue, and acted very scared, and later refused to confront Mr. Carlson for the complaint and warrant. Subsequently Mrs. Petterson has now refused any contact, and has filed a motion to be removed from the defense of Mr. Waggoner although she was instructed to defend by Judge Ravens of Dist. 1 Linn County Circuit Court. Mr. Waggoner is now representing himself. Pretrial begins without being able to report any of these problems - Judge Williams becomes red faced and verbally aggressive to Mr. Waggoner, it is all to apparent he is knowingly violating the law, and is upset he has been discovered. Witnesses are called who are not on the witness list, as provided in the complaint dated March 27th, 2011. Cpl. R.B. Skaggs of MSHP does not come to court, although he is on the witness list and therefore must attend, and is the person who Mr. Carlson claims was shot at by Mr. Waggoner, and that Mr. Waggoner shot him trying to avoid arrest by Cpl. Skaggs. Although officer reports of his location at the time, make this impossible as he was 200 yard away from Mr. Waggoner at the Waggoner’s residence. Mr. Waggoner questions all other officers at the scene in court on the record with simple questions designed to prove the alleged events never happened. The questions were answered and directly refuted the complaint. No officer ever saw Mr. Waggoner at the alleged crime scene. No officer ever saw Mr. Waggoner with a weapon, no officer ever saw Mr. Waggoner in any vehicle, no officer ever identified themselves to Mr. Waggoner at anytime. No arrest was ever attempted, and the officer’s left the location after radio report 10-8 as recorded by dispatch. Judge Williams immediately says “go to trial” and walks away. Cpl. R.B. Skaggs was one of two people in a position to testify about the events and is the states essential witness. It is learned later that Cpl. Skaggs will not support these crazy complaints, and will not even report on the record, to avoid criminal charges, as he would have to lie to support Mr. Carlson’s fictional events. Mr. Waggoner has never spoken to Cpl. Skaggs - he has however spoken with his commander, who stated “no report was ever made by Cpl. Skaggs on the night of the alleged events. Cpl. Skaggs was not involved but was there for support if the deputies decided it was necessary to arrest Mr. Waggoner.” as per conversation “no report by Cpl. Skaggs was necessary as he played no part in the events” His Commander again spoke with Mr. Waggoner on 7/10/11. “If Mr. Carlson states Cpl. Skaggs was assaulted during a arrest of Mr. Waggoner a report of these events would have been filed with the MSHP Commander, (myself) as well as in records of the Highway Patrol, and charges filed by the state and Mr. Waggoner would be in custody then and there or we would be still chasing him until we caught him by hot pursuit. Once again proof Mr. Carlson is a liar, thief, criminal, and terrorist. Mr. Waggoner tells MSHP about the report in which a deputy claims to have called for a swat team from Troop B “they said to call back tomorrow”. The commander , states “That’s ridiculous”. These lies are proven again after court on June 13th, 2011 when Mr. Waggoner was removed from court and threatened to be “shot” by the Linn County sheriff’s office. Mr. Waggoner is told to let the lawyers do what they want and “get with the system and not threaten the judge in my court”, after attempting to report to judge Ravens of district 1, the criminal acts of the court, as described below.
June 13th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner goes before Judge Ravens Linn County 9th District Division I. Judge Raven attempts to arraign Mr. Waggoner on a amended complaint which claims to be filed on June 1st, 2011 this would be 1 day BEFORE pretrial, and no mention was made of this document at pretrial on June 2nd, 2011. Mr. Carlson and the clerk, and notary have falsified documents before, and are trying again, this time to eliminate CPL. R.B. Skaggs as a witness, now they know he is a problem for their criminal activities, and his testimony will expose them. Mr. Waggoner objects and states he has proof Mr. Carlson is committing crimes and needs to report these crimes to him. Mr. Waggoner is immediately removed from court, this is on record and a witness is available to confirm this behavior. This is also in the notes of Lauren Petterson Public Defender, said notes being in the possession of Mr. Waggoner by discovery. This is again a clear attempt to prevent Mr. Waggoner from report of felony crime(s) to a circuit Judge, which is once again and for the fourth time, felony victim tampering. Dep. Zack Olinger( the deputy that signed Mr. Carlson’s false probable cause statement which has 13 false facts out of 22 stated facts (these facts are directly proven to be false by his own report and the other officer reports and testimony)) removes Mr. Waggoner by force from the court, Mr. Waggoner states he will report to the Attorney General as the judge screams back at him in court, he his threatened to be shot by a very large deputy in the elevator and in the presence of Dep. Olinger, This deputy works at the sheriff’s office Linn County Missouri. Mr. Waggoner’s legal documents are taken by force at the podium in court, it is reported they were viewed by the court, then returned 2 hours later to Mr. Waggoner at the Livingston county jail. Mr. Waggoner advised the jail staff specifically J. Plumber of the fact he left with all his legal documents and was returned without them, and that they had been taken by the court by force in a effort to find out what he knew, or what he could prove against them. Luckily Mr. Waggoner had not received the warrant and complaint(s) yet, so they thought they were “in the clear” as was reported by an insider in the prosecutor’s office.
Later that same day after being told by Mr. Carlson “Mr. Waggoner doesn’t have anything on us we can fix this”; The warrant, complaint and amended complaint are provided to Mr. Waggoner by a disinterested party (insider), who will report on these crimes, as soon as Mr. Waggoner reports to the Attorney General. The complaint (amended) is stamped June 1st, 2011 by the clerk ( who has lied on 3/28/11) and is notarized by Mrs. Carmical - who also lied on 3/28/11 on the original complaint, and again by the criminal Mr. Carlson. This complaint is apparently to be passed off to Mr. Waggoner by judge Gary Ravens in a attempt to get rid of the 3/28/11complaint problem. However this is not allowed by Mr. Waggoner, this complaint has no assault charge of a law enforcement officer (R.B. Skaggs), and now Dep. Chad Gardner is the person making the arrest although his own report states he “did not approach the vehicle” and he testified in court he never identified himself to Mr. Waggoner or ever saw Mr. Waggoner at the scene. It is impossible to arrest a person you cannot and have not seen. Dep. Gardner appears to smart to perjury himself in court, as he admits he never saw Mr. Waggoner, and never saw anyone with a weapon at the scene. He would be 1st on Mr. Waggoner’s witness list to positively refute the charges brought up against him, although it appears he is (was) criminally involved at some point. The amended complaint can not be held as credible as the persons who are responsible for the validity of the complaint are not credible - Mr. Carlson (multiple felony acts) Mrs. Carmical (felon/perjury) Linn County Clerk (false statement, felon, perjury) Dep. Olinger (false statements-conspiracy) this as well as the fact the original complaint are falsified, illegal and therefore can not be amended. These criminal activities now continue to become more aggressive and begin to expose themselves, through even more criminal acts, which now are impossible to hide.

June 14th, 2011
Complaints are made to the sheriff of Livingston County, Missouri in writing and with documents proof Mr. Waggoner is being held illegally on a falsified warrant and a illegal complaint, gained by felony criminal acts, and that he is being denied the right to report felony crimes by members of the Linn County Judicial system. Mr. Waggoner requests in writing to be taken to a judge in Livingston County to report felony judicial crimes and to send the documents to the Attorney General of the state. (Mr. Waggoner has copy of such demands and the official response). The request were all denied in writing by sheriff Steve Cox. These denials as well as requests are in the possession of Mr. Waggoner and others to be released by the reporter upon Mr. Waggoner’s demand( once again felony victim tampering on 2 more occasions in another county.) absolute guilt no excuse no defense. Sheriff Cox was told by Mr. Waggoner on June 15th, 2011 in a “kite” letter, what specific laws he was violating and why and was given the revised Statute codes, as well as documents as evidence of the crimes, to go to his attorney as custodian of the jail and request legal council, or to report the violations to the circuit court in his county for review. Sheriff Cox was out of the office in court, and received the letter at 9:05 am June 16th, 2011. The sheriff sent word he received the letter and would reply ASAP.
June 16th, 2011 9:35am
Sheriff Cox contacts Judge Ravens and the court in Linn County. It is unknown exactly what was discussed, however Judge Ravens or the court told sheriff Cox something that made him doubt the courts actions, I am not exposing what has been reported by insiders (at this point.) Sheriff Cox replies to Mr. Waggoner “he is concerned about the facts and he is not knowingly acting in concert to violate the laws of Missouri, and he will pass on documents I gave him, to a Judge, but I can not tell him to go see you.” this letter from Sheriff Cox is on Livingston County letterhead and signed by Sheriff Cox.
June 16th, 2011 10:01am (same day)
Mr. Waggoner is notified by Sheriff Cox to get his stuff packed up in a trash bag, he has told Linn County “to right now get Mr. Waggoner the hell out of his facility now!” Mr. Waggoner’s personal belongings are bagged up and he is thrown out in Livingston County Jail uniform and shoes. His wallet, medications, etc. are thrown in a trash bag and thrown to the deputy as they leave. Deputy Zack Olinger of Linn County is waiting with the door open to the jail, he takes Mr. Waggoner to the county of Chariton, Missouri to Sheriff Chris Huges to be held (“hid out”). Mr. Waggoner is told in a letter by Sheriff Cox, “he is concerned you infer, I have knowingly acted in concert with others to violate the law”. Once again in writing on official letterhead by Sheriff Cox. The Sheriff appears to be attempting to distance himself from the criminal actions, and is apologetic. This is again very strange behavior, why is Mr. Waggoner thrown out of Livingston County by the Sheriff? This certainly deserves investigation and criminal charges. Sheriff Cox knows something the people of Missouri should know also and is certainly guilty of at least 14 criminal acts.
June 17th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner mails a letter to his mother, Mrs. Betty Waggoner, the letter never arrives. This is very suspicious, as mail always has been received in a timely manner.
June 18th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner mails a postcard and letter to his son, it never arrives. Now the action appears to be criminal in nature, but by who is still unknown. It is assumed Tracy L. Carlson has spoken to Chariton County and has lied to them in some crazy demand to get Mr. Waggoner’s mail.
June 19th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner mails legal mail to his spouse, it never arrives. This was on purpose to see if it (the letter) would show up in the possession of Mr. Carlson later, it appears to have been destroyed by Mr. Carlson. A insider reports seeing mail, unknown date.
June 30th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner is visited by a person who knows the facts in this criminal activity, This person has been given copy of US mail addressed to Mr. Waggoner. He explains that this mail is being made public by Tracy Carlson either directly or by his request and now Mr. Waggoner’s mail is simply not being sent at all, but sent to Mr. Carlson to do with what he wishes. (This is a serious Federal Violation which will be reported to the USPS) Mr. Waggoner sends “legal” and regular mail to this person and another, it is never received. It is apparent this person is correct, and the mail of Mr. Waggoner is being stolen by Mr. Carlson with the help of the Chariton County Jail, and being destroyed. ( see July 8th, Sheriff Huges is questioned by the MSHP) Sheriff Huges may have been instructed by Mr. Carlson this remains unproven as the Sheriff is not cooperative at this time with the MSHP.
June 30th, 2011
A “kite” request is made for the 2000 edition of the Statues of Missouri Volume 14 chapters 480-700. Mr. Waggoner is verbally told “the jail does not have such books, but they will ask the court” These books Volume 1-28 are seen in the Sheriff’s office by the MSHP, with Mr. Waggoner, and in a meeting about lost mail and the courts violations, as well as a discussion about a report (officer report) by Chief Deputy Eskew of Linn County. “I called and requested a swat team from MSHP Troop B, they said call back tomorrow”. The officer (unnamed for now) had a good laugh, then seemed to doubt how any person could report this “crap”.
July 4th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner calls family and friends- still no mail, no legal mail. This is excepted as the mail is in Mr. Carlson’s office, being copied, faxed and handed out like a newspaper, or just being disposed of, to prevent ant further exposure of criminal acts.
While discussing these issues with others in law enforcement, Mr. Waggoner has been informed that Tracy Carlson was picked on and beaten up at school, this may be the reason he is acting this way, thinking he can make friends, or trying to become some hero, or leader of his peers; very psychotic behavior has been seen before by others, and is “unexplainable” if not criminal in nature.
“A investigation will likely turn up more criminal acts” has been reported to Mr. Waggoner by very credible persons in office, and familiar with the past actions of Mr. Carlson. “The actions of the court have been called into question before and deserves further investigation” is reported.
July 7th, 2011 and July 10th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner is visited by the Missouri State Highway Patrol who was called to get this preliminary report for the Attorney General, and to ensure U.S. mail is flowing unimpeded. The names of the officers will be held pending charges, as they may be appointed to arrest. Sheriff Chris Huges is asked by the Missouri State Highway Patrol about the U.S Mail “he neither affirms or denies the mail is being sent to Tracy Carlson” or where or what is happening to the mail. He agrees however in a partial admission of guilt to ensure “legal mail will be sent from now on”. This is very strange behavior, and seems to confirm the actions were happening and criminal. Usually a person who has nothing to hide, does not attempt to hide. This deserves further investigation and will likely expose federal mail crimes. This is cause to believe the criminal acts now extend into a third county, this becoming very disturbing and is severely effecting the reputation of Missouri’s legal system.
July 11, 2011
Mr. Waggoner is given 1st Amended information, no arraignment is necessary as this document would not stand up to any test of its components of validity, Mr. Waggoner decides to try another tactic, just act as though he is defeated and stop all information to the criminals, and let them do what they do best, be criminals. The 1st Amended Complaint is made by once again Tracy Carlson and Delores A. Carmical, both proven to be criminals. Mr. Waggoner has absolute proof the actions on the complaint did not happen, therefore acquittal will be almost instantaneous in court, hopefully this investigation will be complete, the criminals charged and sentenced. Mr. Waggoner will be restored his liberty, the civil actions will certainly begin and will likely expose more players in this criminal enterprise. Mr. Waggoner now assumes more crimes will be committed to cover the lies, and criminal acts already proven. It appears the real criminals are the very people who are responsible for the safety of and the liberty of the people of Missouri. This is sad, and reflects the need to institute better laws and regulations for law enforcement as a whole.
July 12th, 2011
Mail is received by 2 persons, coincidence, I think not, the talk with the sheriff of Chariton County must have forced him to tell someone to stop their criminal activity. A deposition of the sheriff maybe quite interesting.
July 13th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner receives complaint by Tracy Carlson. In which Mrs. Waggoner is charged, this is the spouse of Mr. Waggoner, apparent Mr. Carlson carries through with his threats. Mr. Carlson applied for a arrest warrant, this time due to lack of probable cause and probably fear of prosecution Judge Williams refused to issue a warrant, however a summons was issued. The probable cause statement contains crazy “facts” as to the fatherhood of the child and the marriage of the Waggoner’s. As well as reports of a record search of the birth of the child by the deputy. It is unknown how a deputy gets birth records and marriage licenses from other states, or who would let one have such access to the records, maybe more crime (who knows) criminals will be criminals. Vicki Sweet is states witness, do I even need to state how inappropriate this is, and the Judge, once again James P. Williams, criminals will be criminals like drug addicts they just can’t stop their illegal behavior.
July 26th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner was given discovery by the public defenders office as well as a motion to recuise the defender from the case, this discovery contained another threat by Tracy Carlson to Lauren Petterson “ To stop playing games with Mr. Waggoner” and called the victims advocates “prostitutes”. This discovery also contained crazy statements by the others to be exposed at a later date, these statements alone would require investigation of the 9th Circuit Court as a whole, and will result in criminal prosecution. One must ask what is so wrong with this case as to require the defenders office to force the court to remove them from the defense, against the orders of a Circuit Judge?
August 7th, 2011
It was discovered by Mr. Waggoner a report has been generated by Laura Norris (co-worker) and Traci Mc Claran (CSSI) both of the Brookfield division of the Missouri Dept. Of Social Services.
In this report the following individuals (worker Passley, worker Norris, worker Sweet (aka “Vicki Sweet), Supervisor Meyer, Supervisor Mc Claran, DJO Dixon, Abby Stewart, and Tracy Carlson) were involved in denying Mrs. Samantha Waggoner and her child their right to communicate with council, Mrs. Waggoner’s spouse as Council, and actively tampered witnesses who expressed their desire to testify on behalf of the defendant, and that they were being forced to testify falsely, or testify against their will to abstain by rights given them by the Constitution and legal Statutes of Missouri and as advised by their legal council. This criminal act of victim and witness tampering. Also a assembly of 9 people to commit a crime (unlawful assembly). Mrs. Waggoner was also subsequently told by the individuals to sign a “release” of information or a judge would be found to force her to sign a release. ( No person can be forced against their will to sign a legal document). Mrs. Waggoner was later advised (as per report) not to contact the council of Mr. Waggoner. These persons also admit to reviewing US Mail stolen by Tracy L. Carlson and shared without permission or warrant, and without a court order to release any such information. This is a clear violation of the privacy of the Waggoner’s, and is criminal activity. It is also reported “worker Norris accompanied Mrs. Waggoner to court”, where she then advised Mrs. Waggoner not to act as Mrs. Waggoner wished and was advised by council and made overt threats to Mrs. Waggoner regarding the “ safety of Huntier” her child. The workers repeatedly made comments about the mental health of Mr. Waggoner and his need for substance abuse counseling, although no person from Social Services ever spoke with or had any professional evaluation of Mr. Waggoner. These comments were made before the child and in clear effort to tamper the child. Mrs. Waggoner at one point became very aggressive and said she did not wish anymore contact with the workers due to their lies.

June 2nd, 2011
As reported by Social Services, Tracy Carlson lied to Social Services and stated (on page 5, Paragraph 2) “ Huntier had refused to testify against Lance (Waggoner) in court and had stated that Samantha told him that if he testified Lance (Waggoner) would go to jail and that if he didn’t testify Lance would come home” this is false the child in court testified “ he did not wish to testify” and when asked how he knew he could refuse to testify or who told him to say that? The child stated on record in court “ I looked it up on the internet, and it said so”. it is also worth noting the child was advise by council prior to his testimony and was advised of his rights. Mrs. Waggoner has stated he was told to “tell the truth and you have the right not to testify” by their lawyer at the time. Subsequently to being told not to contact legal council of Mr. Waggoner. A letter from MUPC was produced saying it was unhealthy to keep the child from seeing his father. The Social Services workers called and were told by MUPC Mrs. Waggoner was convinced her husband did not commit the offenses he is now being charged of and the courts were lying. The Social workers told the hospital false facts and then requested a new report be made to prohibit the child from seeing the father. This is entirely illegal.
Mrs. Waggoner has also been threatened by Social Services workers, by asking who will she choose Lance or Huntier?, this implies Mrs. Waggoner tells the truth, her son gets taken away. This once again is illegal. It is unknown if the individuals involved are acting to knowingly violate the laws, or if they are so ignorant as to not understand their actions. In any event they should be immediately removed from any position which in any way involves the safety of a child. The people of the state once again deserve answers, as this appears to be purely criminal activity, and is most certainly not in the best interest of the citizens of Missouri.
There is also mention of a Dr. Ellis of Ellis and Associates. Actions were mentioned and statements repeated that do not make any sense, and do not “sound” like a report of a psychologist. Examples include statements like “Dr. Ellis didn’t interact with Huntier but feels he is horribly depressed” and a weird statement from a Doctor of Psychology totally unaware of the situation who has no knowledge of any criminal complaint, as reported by the CD- “Dr. Ellis doesn’t think that Samantha’s ( Mrs. Waggoner’s) anger and behaviors have anything to do with a serious psychological disorder other then she won’t separate herself from Lance (Mr. Waggoner). It appears this is made up by the CD. Mr. Waggoner will make discovery of the report by Dr. Ellis and this will answer the questions of false statements by the workers. Mrs. Waggoner is reported to have told Dr. Ellis facts which will expose criminal activity by the State of Missouri.
August 9th, 2011
Mr. Waggoner makes discovery of a Court Approved plan by Social Services (unsigned by any party involved) which state as a requirement.
(2) “Samantha and Huntier (Waggoner) are ORDERED to have no direct or indirect communication and / or contact with Lance Waggoner until it is deemed appropriate by a suitable councilor”
(3) “ Follow the court order in regards to Huntier’s contact with Lance Waggoner”.
This is a document which also states that Mr. Waggoner agrees to… with 5 ordered actions. Mr. Waggoner has never seen this document or asked to attend ant Social Service Court action. The document IS NOT signed by Judge Gary Raven (the same judge presiding and accused of victim tampering in Mr. Waggoner’s criminal trial) this appears once again to be a false document intended to threaten Mrs. Waggoner and Huntier Waggoner.
Mr. Waggoner was NOT notified of any court action. Mr. Waggoner was NOT provided any copy of said court action, although he is a party in the action. This is (1) failure to provide service of two (2) documents, both being a violation of Missouri Statue, which requires the parties be served legal notice.
This is once again a violation of law by the 9th District court, although this time and only this time Tracy L. Carlson is not mentioned in the document. Mr. Carlson must have involved in another criminal activity which prevented his attendance. Also strange Mrs. Vicki Sweet was not mentioned in the document.
A meeting with legal council present was held via telephone and Mrs. Waggoner advised no such order was presented to her or signed into action before her on August 1, 2011. It now is very plausible this document and report was a threat to Mrs. Waggoner, and was never intended to be brought before the court. This along with the false statements contained in the report and the signatures of the case workers would lead one to believe the document was presented as a legal document, and was done so with criminal intent.
This document states it is by and to be approved by; Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon (Governor), Ronald J. Levy (Director), Debra Ziebarth (Circuit Manager), Samantha Waggoner (Mother), Lance Waggoner (Step-Father), Laura Norris (CSWII), Traci Mc Claran (CSW Supervisor), Ron Dixon (Juvenile Officer), William Devoy (Guardian), Judge Gary Ravens (Judge). It is signed on 7-22-2011 by Laura Norris and Traci Mc Claran (CSSI) in ink. No notary or filing date is provided, and n o statement as to the truth of facts contained in the report is made, on Missouri Department of Social Services Letterhead.
It is Directed to:
H.A.N.B (minor child) DOB 01/24/03
Samantha Waggoner 36417 Nickle Rd. Bucklin, Mo 64631
DOB 10/11/1966
Lance Waggoner
Livingston County Jail DOB 9/17/1968 (Mr. Waggoner is at Chariton County Jail as the court specifically Judge Gary Ravens is aware.)
This document was provided to Mrs. Waggoner by Sherri Nelson Public Defender, and as discovery in a criminal case. It is known at this time if Judge Ravens has even seen the document. A transcript of court and deposition will be necessary to prove or disprove the involvement and criminal intent (or lack there of) by the individuals named in the action.
As of August 8th , 2011
H.A.N.B, Samantha Waggoner or Lance Waggoner;
Have not signed any such document, and have not been in any judicial proceeding with such document. The document is dated August 1st, 2011 and is not signed by any Judicial Member. At this time it appears to be purely a fictitious document intended to threaten witnesses to testify, or not to testify in criminal felony court actions. Therefore a criminal act appears once again to have been made by or in the name of the 9th District Circuit Court, Linn County, Mo. This criminal activity must be stopped.
Mr. Waggoner is keeping some criminal acts to himself for now, these will be released during the civil trial actions. These crimes were committed in Linn, Livingston, and Chariton County Missouri. All crimes will be reported to the press at the conclusion of trial on October 7th, 2011, and in the court of Linn County, Mo. In a official press release. “I provided the Attorney General with testimony and documents to prosecute these criminals” will be the opening statement to the press. I can assure statewide coverage, and possibly national (AP) coverage will be available. Although this seems to be just a crazy allegation, Mr. Waggoner can prove criminally, no less civilly without any doubt before a jury, the crimes are real and did happen. It is entirely plausible this will result in a multitude of criminal charges unrelated to this case, and numerous appeals and general default of the court as a whole. The state must therefore intervene.
Closing Statement to the Attorney General:
You have now been provided the basic facts of the crimes committed, and a general time line of the events. I would suggest you acquire the entire officer reports (before they disappear), warrants, complaints and evidence in this case. After a full review, make a educated decision as to the course of actions necessary. Mr. Waggoner has spent many hours investigating , and following up leads in this case and has submitted to you a small portion of the crimes and evidence available. A motion of discovery to the prosecutor has been made, and I am sure it will contain more relevant evidence, as well as showing what is being withheld from Mr. Waggoner. This investigation will continue for sometime, and all leads will be followed. Mr. Waggoner has discovered events and prosecution in other counties and will continue to expose more criminal acts by public officials. Another District has come to the attention of Mr. Waggoner, and appears to be in a similar criminal situation. A civil action is being prepared by others , and has raised questions of a statewide criminal activity. These criminal acts involve fines imposed and fees assessed by the court system, and the use of such fees. This discovery was pure accident and will be researched further, before exposure and report. Mr. Waggoner will await your reply before reporting the sheriff of Linn County to the MSHP along w2ith witness statements, of felony firearms theft. The entire MSHP report will be sent to the Linn County newspaper. This will raise the interest of the public and begin the disclosure of all facts contained herein, beginning with the warrant less searches and seizures, then the courts criminal acts, and last the Attorney General’s response.
Mr. Waggoner was recently evaluated by a professional as to his mental state due due to allegations he was mentally unstable by the DFS ( although the DFS has never spoken with Mr. Waggoner), the result of the IQ test was 35/36 (no person ever scored 36 as per the examiner). Mr. Waggoner was found perfectly sane, stable and non-addictive to substance. The examiner was also shown evidence in the criminal investigation, he took copy of some evidence as proof Mr. Waggoner is not crazy, just extremely right in his accusations. “This goes to show, don’t believe all you read, it may not be true”. Mr. Waggoner hopes you don’t believe what is contained herein and therefore investigate for yourself. If Mr. Waggoner can assemble and prove this much from a jail cell, while everything he does is being watched, and his mail stolen, just think what you and your office may find, it is assured you wont be disappointed (well you will be) but at least you can stop this criminal activity.
Please reply within (5) days to prevent public disclosure to the local press. A legal response (arrest) within (15) fifteen days will delay report to (AP).
Mr. Waggoner thanks the MSHP troop “B”. they have been honest, and have demonstrated the ability to protect and serve the people of this state. Without the participation of the MSHP (particularly 2 officers to be named publicly upon conclusion of this investigation), this report would not have been possible, and these criminal acts would go unpunished. The people of this state should reward those involved and going beyond the duty of the MSHP.
This report was prepared at the direction of Lance C. Waggoner between March 28th, 2011 and September 3rd, 2011. The statements and events in this report are supported by physical evidence and witness statements (both written and verbal), and are true, factual statements by the reporter(s).
September 3rd, 2011
This report was provided to the Attorney General of the State of Missouri on this ___________ day, __________ , 2011 by registered mail and with the consent and knowledge of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
Criminal summary- each a separate criminal act, and count, most involved more than one person, and some are multiple violations of the state and federal laws, which maybe prosecuted by both. (not all crimes are listed)
27: Perjury, false statements, filing false affidavit, filing false instrument, false reports.

28: Filing false instrument, perjury, false notorial act, perjury, felony firearms theft, illegal search and seizure, physical evidence tampering.
30: False arrest, false imprisonment, illegal search and seizure, physical evidence tampering, trespassing, felony theft.
5: Failure to serve process
6: Failure to serve process- 6 hour rule
7: 6 hour rule, failure to serve process
8: 6 hour rule, theft of US mail, distribution US mail
10: 6 hour rule, failure to serve process, violation and denial of
Habius Corpus, victim tampering

12: Victim tampering (US Mail)
13: 24 hour rule, Habius Corpus, 6 hour rule, council demand, and false imprisonment.
14: 6 hour rule, failure to serve process, victim tampering
15: 6 hour rule
16: 6 hour rule
17: 6 hour rule
18: 6 hour rule
19: 6 hour rule
20: Victim tampering, false warrant, failure to allow council to consult.
27: Witness tampering, 6 hour rule
1: 6 hour rule, failure to serve process, false imprisonment.

4: Witness tampering, false imprisonment, Habius Corpus
5: Witness tampering, witness tampering again same day!
Theft US mail, distribution of stolen mail, impeding US mail, improper conduct.
7: Illegal detention of property (felony vehicle theft) theft of a animal.
8: Victim tampering, witness tampering.
12: Impeding US mail, theft of US mail, illegal wire tap.
13: Terroristic threats, victims tampering, witness tampering, violation of due process, tampering physical evidence, tampering a judicial proceeding.
14: False imprisonment, victim tampering, failure to report a felony(s)
16: Tampering a felony witness (Mr. Waggoner), victim tampering, 6 hour rule, failure to provide legal service, victim tampering, witness tampering.
17: Impeding US mail, victim tampering
18: Impeding US mail, victim tampering
19: Impeding US mail, victim tampering
30: Failure to supply legal reference, victim tampering
4: impeding US mail, illegal search of legal documents
7: Impeding US mail, destruction US mail, theft of US mail
11: Filing false document, perjury, tampering a judicial proceeding, victim tampering, witness tampering
12: Impeding US mail
13: Witness tampering, improper conduct of a judge requiring Quo Warrantor
26: Victim tampering, 6 hour rule, witness tampering
7: Filing false reports, witness tampering, victim tampering, misrepresentation of office, felony victim tampering (same day), simulating legal process, failure to provide service of legal process, child endangerment.
121 Counts of criminal activity


  1. About time someone gets all that out in the open, who do i talk to ??

  2. We have all known that Linn County has been crooked for years. If they don't like you, or feel threatened by you, they will trump up anything they can to take you down. Good luck to you!

  3. to whom it may name is David Deen.the children in this picture are my children.the children were taken 2 years ago.since then,all that linn county has done is given excuess of why they cant give my children back to me.they were never taken away from me.or ever any kind of criminal charges ever filed against me for ever brigging any kind of harm to my children,ever.linn county says my criminal record is stopping mre from getting my children home.i have done 4 years in prison for driving while revoked 7 times.since they took they children 2years ago,i have not one time been appointed a lawyer in my case to represent me at any time.i havient heard fron DFS,in linn county in over a year in a half about my paper work nothing telling me how they are doing nothing,but what i have gotten from them is,them asking me to sign a peice of paper so they can have axecess to my criminal.witch again is driving while revoked 7 times in linn county,well 4 of the driving while revoke is in linn county by the same police officer staurt hues.the other 3 is in howard county.i have recieved a letter in the mail a month in a half ago saying there is court on 12/09 13 for the children.there saying the court docut is for my prental right to be given up for my children.again not one time have i been appointed a lawyer in my case to help reprasent me for my children case.i need help getting a lawyer,i have no money for a lawyer,and linn county knows if anybody out there reading this if you can help please do if you can.spread this information to anybody and every body who can read and hear and see whats going on.i love my children very very much and will not sigh no kind of paper work giving up my rights to my children ever.if you can help me at all with any of this please contact me at 816-842-7467.ext 235 ask for hope harris to leave a messege for me.i will return the call a.s.a.p.thank you to everybody who reads this messege.again not one time have i ever been appointed a lawyer to represent me in my case for my children.thank you for your time David Lee Deen

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